About Jeanne Surber

“Quilts are the creative expression of who I am.  Fabric is my medium.  As I journey through the world and experience the people and places around me, I look at them and I see quilts. Conveying my strong emotional response to a particular person or place is what motivates my work.  Translating that vision and feeling by using cloth, thread, paint, and ink connects me to the legacy of my feminine history.”

“The need to join the long tradition of quilting with what we continually discover to be fiber art is a strong connecting thread for me.   I enjoy challenging myself into ever expanding interpretations of what a quilt is, hoping to surprise the viewer and encourage their own personal response.”

Jeanne Surber has been a fiber artist since 2004. Her work has been shown in museums, galleries and both local and international quilt shows. She lives on the Central Coast of California.

Deep Roots

My great grandmother was a machine quilter. Read her story.

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